UT & The Daily Texan!

"...Laughter is helpful to patients of all ages by serving as a healthy coping mechanism."
—Excerpt from The Daily Texan article

I am thrilled to be able to say that I taught a workshop at the University of Texas at Austin! I can barely contain my excitement because this was a huge huge HUGE honor for me. UT is my alma mater, so naturally getting to do this workshop meant a lot to me personally, but specifically this workshop was for the UT School of Social Work, which is considered one of the best programs in the country. The whole thing felt surreal, kinda like if Bluto from Animal House had been asked to come back and be a professor at Faber.

The workshop was mostly geared towards current social work students so it not only covered the therapeutic benefits of improv and laughter (my wheelhouse) but also my personal story including how I ended up doing what I'm doing career-wise. And as an added bonus the entire event was covered by The Daily Texan! I couldn't believe it. My face in my old college newspaper!

"Improvisational comedy promotes many therapeutic benefits such as validation, empathy, positive thinking, unconditional acceptance and communication skills in people, Ingram said."
—Excerpt from The Daily Texan article

The workshop itself was part of The UT School of Social Work DiNitto Center's Career Exploration Workshop Series. I was told that it was their biggest turnout ever and the first time one of their workshops had been covered by the Daily Texan. And as a result of doing this workshop, I am very proud to announce that I am now an official member of the University of Texas Career Coaches Network!

Basically this Longhorn couldn't be more honored. When I was a young undergrad *mumbles indecipherably* years ago I never could have imagined all this. This experience truly ranks up there among my proudest achievements in my entire life. 

All photos courtesy of  Jasmine Dawn Photography

All photos courtesy of Jasmine Dawn Photography

Big thanks to everyone who participated, all the wonderful attendees, everyone who helped make this event happen (Sarah Pollard, Jennifer Luna-Idunate, Amelia Shaw), the staff of the Daily Texan, and especially the University of Texas School of Social Work DiNitto Center for having me!

What the participants said about the workshop:

"This workshop was the best thing I decided to do with my week."
—Jordan S.
"Lane Ingram from Upside Wellness is incredibly engaging, fun, and has found a great way to bring in laughter to improve mental health and wellbeing. Great workshop!"
—Krysel W.
"Uplifting and fun! Who knew laughing could be so helpful?"
—Ellen L.
"Wonderful, awesome, and inspiring! The connection between humor, improv, and mental health is a natural one. Thanks for making it known!"
—Anna S.
"Uplifting, very positive, and innovative!"
—Jaelen R.
All photos courtesy of  Jasmine Dawn Photography

All photos courtesy of Jasmine Dawn Photography