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"Lane from Upside Wellness taught an improv workshop for my staff, and it was great! Everyone had a lot of fun, and there were plenty of real business applications too!"
—Margaret Myrick, Program Manager at

I recently taught a corporate improv teambuilding workshop at the offices of (the #1 job website in the world) and it was incredible! Everyone had a blast, including myself. They were a fantastic group of intelligent, enthusiastic, creative, positive, welcoming people. They clearly have a wonderful corporate culture there, and it was my pleasure to help them discover the power of improv.

Photos courtesy of  Jasmine Dawn Photography

Photos courtesy of Jasmine Dawn Photography

The workshop was full of laughter, fun, and silliness but also contained plenty of business tools too. I strived to create a safe, supportive, playful environment, which wasn't difficult because the great people at Indeed were incredibly receptive and enthusiastic from the jump. Within just a few minutes, we were off and running with interactive improv comedy exercises. Right away, everyone was collaborating, laughing, and enjoying themselves. 

In recent years, many successful companies (Google, Facebook, Coca-Cola, & many others) have used improv team building workshops for their employees to help foster teamwork, innovation, creativity, collaboration, communication, and trust. And did I also mention that improv is fun? Just check out this feedback from the Indeed employees who participated in my workshop:

"Upside Wellness' workshop was fun and used improv to teach us how to work together to achieve common goals."
Chad B.
"'Yes And' might help me to be more open to trying new ideas without worrying."
Parker T.

More great feedback:

"The workshop was awesome! I love improv now." 
Henry P.
"Fun and invigorating! Great for building confidence and getting outside my comfort zone." —David A.
Photos courtesy of  Jasmine Dawn Photography

Photos courtesy of Jasmine Dawn Photography

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