Corporate improv training and team building

Improv is Collaboration & Innovation


IMPROVISE, adapt, overcome

It's a motto heard frequently in the United States Marine Corps. Notice that the motto is not "Just follow orders. Stick to the routine. Barely tread water." Improvising is a part of life. For decades, improv training has given comedy performers the tools to get up on stage without a script, costumes, or props and make up an entire show on the fly and under pressure. Now successful companies everywhere are using improv to help their employees work together more effectively. 

An improv team building workshop from Upside Wellness can give your employees useful tools in a fun, collaborative, energizing way.

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An Upside Wellness workshop can help boost trust, teamwork, creativity, and health.


Trust can be the most important thing in business because it has the power to drive just about everything else. Does my staff trust one another? Do my clients and customers trust me? Can people trust my company? Improv builds trust in a fun, easy, energizing way. A team that trusts one another is a team that functions well under pressure.


Plans break down. Projects get scrapped. Markets shift. Change is a constant in business, which is why you need a team that can improvise, adapt, and overcome at all times. Improv can help your team turn obstacles into innovation while also reducing workplace drama, tension, and misunderstandings. 


Improv can unlock your team's playful, creative potential. Feeling stuck or drained? Creativity is intelligence having fun so maybe it's time to inject new life and energy into your business by getting creative with improv. 


Laughter has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression while also boosting endorphins, dopamine, creative problem solving skills, and teamwork. If you value the health and wellbeing of your team, a workshop from Upside Wellness could be just what you need. 



"Lane from Upside Wellness taught an improv workshop for my staff, and it was great! Everyone had a lot of fun, and there were plenty of real business applications too!"
Margaret Myrick, Program Manager at

"Upside Wellness' workshop was inspiring and empowering! I would have Lane back in a heartbeat. He brought fun, inspiration, and energy to our team."
Elizabeth Olson, Head of Business Development and Marketing at La Hacienda

"My staff really enjoyed Lane's workshop! He had us working together, collaborating, having fun, and laughing. It was a valuable, worthwhile experience for everyone, including me."
Mark Catalano, Executive Director of Promises Austin

"Fun and invigorating! Great for building confidence and getting outside my comfort zone."
David A.,

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