As I write this, I am very excited because tomorrow I will be driving to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The Metroplex, the D-F-Dubs. “Why” you ask? Well it’s because I’m co-presenting a professional CEU or continuing education unit with the great Stephanie Coker, LCSW at the North Texas Recovery Film Festival and Conference!

The presentation, which will be held at my alma mater UNT, is a professional lecture and demonstration for other mental health professionals so they can learn about the practical applications of improv in therapy sessions. Stephanie is a tremendous clinician with a thriving practice in Lewisville, and I am thrilled to be a part of this fun and informative CEU.

I can speak from personal experience on just how impactful improv can be. I believe improv can be beneficial for clients, but I also believe it is extremely beneficial for us therapists too. I know I became a much better therapist the moment I started allowing my improv brain to follow me into my sessions.

Improv helped me discover parts of my mind I didn’t even know existed. It helped me be more collaborative, more open-minded, more playful, and more engaging. Improv helped me become a better listener, a better facilitator, a better communicator. It made me a better therapist.

I hope with this CEU other therapists might learn some fun, new techniques that will help them facilitate better, more impactful therapy sessions. One of my favorite compliments I ever got from a former patient came from a teenager who told me, “You make sessions fun. I used to hate coming to these things, but with you it’s actually fun.” Improv!