The recovery conference at UNT was amazing! I met some great mental health colleagues, and again I found that people are loving Upside Wellness and the unique treatment approach offered here. Whenever I start talking about the healing power of laughter, the joys of improv, how laughter is good for the mind, body, and spirit AND the science to back it up, people seem not just receptive but hungry for it. I am getting invited to meet with some big-time treatment centers and hospital administrators, and I am proud to announce that Upside Wellness has some big things coming up!

I am currently in talks with Teen and Family Services Austin to host a large multi-family group with their patients later this month, and the best part… is that I get to make it all about improv! That’s right, I get to spread the message about how improv is a fun, interactive way to experience therapy and positive life skills.

Also, on November 21st I will be teaching a CEU at Rock Springs! Again it will be all about improv! I will be teaching other mental health professionals about the joys of improv and how simple improv exercises can make therapy sessions more fun, engaging, and impactful. Big things are happening, people. BIG!


Lane Ingram, M.Ed., LPC

Upside Wellness, Founder & Director